Precise Tips For Making Metal Jewelry

Making jewelry is a beautiful process of art and lot of people love to hand craft jewelry as it is very unique. Individual skills play a vital role while crafting jewelry and each one of them has a style that is very different thus creating products that are very different from each other. Metal jewelry made by hand is becoming very popular and can work out to be a profitable business. By adapting traditional techniques and using materials that are not very expensive one can create stylish and professional jewelry.

How to Start Metal Jewelry Making

If you are new to this field, you can get hold of a book that is meant for beginners and is a step-by-step guide to teach how to make metal jewelry. Jewelry Making: Tips and Trick of the Trade is a good book, which is suitable for all skill levels. There are photographs and each step is explained in detail for better understanding. It teaches you to make ring, ear studs, choker and bangles.

There is another book called Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry that tells about metal jewelry fabrication. Fabrication includes all the processes such as metal cutting, forming, shaping, filling, joining and finishing. There is much more to metal jewelry making than wire work and bead stringing. There is specialized equipment and skills need time to master.

Tools Required for Metal Jewelry Making

One needs to have specialized tools and also learn how to use those tools for making metal jewelry. The most widely used tools for making these type of jewelry are wax molds, jewelry casting, anti-clastics, synclastics, bench mounted synclastics, dimplers, cylinder anti-clastics, metal sheet break, hole punchers, flush cut doubles with gauge, prong setter, metal shear, bracelet makers that have double cylinder, bracelet channel makers, ring makers that have double cylinder, ring channel makers, metal wraps that have double cylinder, metal channel wraps, tool clamps and texture hammers.

Bracelet makers are used to put curve into flat metal stock. Dimplers can be used to put circular indentations into metal so that they look more attractive. If it is used on the edge of the metal, partial indentations can also be made. Punchers are used to make holes of various sizes.

Metal break is used to bend clean angles into metal stock. Metal wraps put the curvature on the wire and also on the flat metal stock. Texture hammer textures the wire and flat metal. There are three different faces. Is has a back end which is flat and polished and is used to put beautiful patterns on the metal. Wraps can put a curve into flat metal and wire.

With all sorts of tools available jewelry making is quite possible. You can also repair the jewelry with these tools.

Most of these tools are available on the internet. You can visit various sites and search for the tools you need. There is a complete guide that gives you details of the product, specifications, price, comparison with other products and buying details.


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