What Your Birthstones Mean

These 12 birthstones are not just stones assigned for each month. Each of them represents the values that people born that said month are naturally born with.

January is the month for Garnet. This stone symbolizes creativity. People born on this month are said to be creative thinkers with a flair for entertainment and the arts. They also seem to value and put importance on consistency with the projects they have at hand.

February is the month for Amethyst. This birthstone is said to reflect the primary trait of people born on this month which is motivation. They are the ones who are truly driven with whatever they do. Sincerity also accompanies this trait, and as well as intuition. It is said that perhaps it is this intuition that gives these people the courage to be truly motivated.

March is the month for Aquamarine. Like most things representative of the color blue, this birthstone symbolizes hope and the courage to fell this hope despite life's challenges.

April is the month of the Diamond. Considered the hardest stone there is, diamonds are known to stand the test of time. Thus, they are used during weddings or are best placed on rings to symbolize never-ending love.

May is the month for Emerald. Known to stand for all things good, the emerald is said to represent success as well as happiness in life.

June is the month of Pearls. As challenging as it is to find pearls under the sea, it is thus fitting to make pearls the symbol for the faith and peace. Luck is also said to be on the side of people born in this month.

July is the month for Ruby. This deep red stunner is truly fitting to represent nobility. Being the color of blood, ruby is also meant to represent strength.

August is the month for Peridot. People born in this month is believed to have wedded bliss and as well as peace in their household.

September is the month for Sapphire. It is said that since the beginning of time, sapphire is used by royalties as this is representative of serenity and wisdom.

October is the month of Opal. This gentle stone is representative of good virtues such as compassion and hope. Peace-loving and innocence are said to be the traits of people born this month.

November is the month of Topaz. This yellow stone, just as the sun, is said to reflect optimism and wisdom.

December is the month of Turquoise. This blue birthstone is said to bring love and success to the very lucky bearer.

Knowing the significance and meaning of your birthstone goes beyond pop culture. These meanings definitely have ancient origins and basis which is why most people believe and hold on to them. There is really no harm that can be felt when you follow this belief. In fact, they can be beneficial for you at the same time. So next time you want to get yourself a gift or an accessory or give a gift to someone, choose the right birthstone for that special gift of thoughtfulness and well wishes.


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