How to Care For Your Diamonds To Keep Them Looking Shiny And New

There are many different ways you can clean you precious stones. You can either clean them yourself or get them cleaned by the jeweler you bought it from. In either case there is no reason for your jewelry not to stay looking sparkling and new.

The way most stones are cleaned is in a warm hot water with a soap or detergent. Have a bowl with warm water with detergent in it. Most people use dish washing detergent other just use soap. You can use a toothbrush or small brush to clean them after they soak to scrub away dirt and other debris. After you are done washing and cleaning your stone you will need to rinse it put it in a strainer of some kind then rinse it with cold water. Remember to never use anything that is chlorine based.

Some makers of different diamond cleaners have made a dip cleanse. You just dip you stones in it and it cleans them and polishes as well. You can probably either buy this or have this ordered from your local jeweler. Avoid touching the stones afterwards to avoid transferring oils to them after they are clean.

Diamonds can also be cleaned through a step called cold water soaking. You let them soak in cold water and ammonia for 30 to 45 minutes. After soaking you tap the jewelry near the setting and then shake it around in the solution one more time, and then let them dry.

You can also buy an ultrasonic cleaner to clean up your stones. These relatively new machines use ultrasonic waves to create a high speed vibration that shakes the dirt, oils, and other contaminates from the jewelry.

The other most important thing you might want to consider is what is the best way to protect my stones when I amt wearing them. The answer is a jewelry box of some kind. You can buy a jewelry box probably at any jewelry store or pawn shop. You can also buy them at jewelry shows when they come around your city or town at that certain time of the year. You can also get little pouches for your stones so you can just tie and pull the little bag shut. They are often made with a silky fabric and come with cleaner silk rags to wipe them off before you put them in the bag. You can most likely buy these at any local jewelry store. Many people like to have their stones in these bags they are very popular and come in all kinds of colors and sizes. You can find colors from blue to green to red to purple any colors. You just need to go look you can probably even find them online.


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